1,000s quit NHS England due to low pay and stress!

Staff shortages in the crisis-hit NHS England have shot up by 6,000 in 18 months.

The Department for Health’s information service NHS Digital says the number of unfilled posts increased by a quarter from 23,427 in February 2015 to 29,309 in September 2016 — the latest month for which figures are available.

General union GMB says the shortage is caused by stress, increasing workloads and low pay.

GMB national secretary for public services Rehana Azam said: “Our members are desperately trying to do the job they love — saving lives. But they face an ever increasing workload, targets that are impossible to meet with the resources they are given and trusts that seem more interested their own executives than those in the field. Add to that the fact their public sector wages have not risen in line with inflation — it’s no wonder they are leaving in their thousands.”