Are you in insecure work? The TUC want to hear from you by 29th March!

Are you one of the 1 in 10 people in insecure work - like a zero hours contract or working through an agency?

Many people now have jobs that give them little or no security. This may because you rely on an agency to provide you with work – and there’s no guarantee that they can find you work.

You may have a job where you have no guarantee of how many hours’ work you will have from one week to the next or maybe on a zero hours contract. Or your employer might tell you you’re self-employed, but still want to control the hours you work and the jobs you take – without providing you with the minimum wage or sick pay. The Trades Union Congress (TUC) wants to hear from people who have jobs like these.

We’re the voice of Britain at work - and we want to launch a campaign to get decent rights at work and guaranteed hours for everyone. Please tell us about your experiences at work. It can be completely anonymous if you prefer. This will help us campaign for decent jobs for everyone.

Our survey is really short - only a few questions – and you can skip any of them. Thank you so much for this - it’s a chance to get your voice heard and help make change!

Closing date is 29th March 2017!