Sponsors and service providers

The UK National Work-Stress Network is a voluntary organisation which relies on donations from individuals and organisations to enable us to carry on our pro bono work in the field of work-related stress.

Regular costs include organising events, speakers' travel costs and maintaining this website which is sponsored by the Hazards Campaign.

If you would like to make a small donation towards these costs we should be extremely grateful - the suggested amount is £5 for individuals. Offers of sponsorship from organisations and requests for links should be addressed to Bob Woods, our Network Coordinator. Any sponsorship or donations from individuals and organisations will be readily acknowledged on this page unless a specific request is received for anonymity.

The Stress Network could not exist without the generous support of many individuals and organisations throughout the UK. We should like to thank the following organisations and indiviuals for their financial assistance in the production of our Network booklet, although it should be noted that the opinions expressed and its content are solely the responsibility of the UK National Work Stress Network:

Major sponsors:

FOA (Fire Officers)
Hazards Campaign
Scottish Hazards Campaign

Friends of UKNWSN and donors:

CWU North East Branch
Institute of Employment
NASUWT Ealing Branch
NASUWT Hounslow Branch
NASUWT Northamptonshire Federation
NASUWT Rotherham Branch
NASUWT Yorkshire & Humber Region
UNISON Barnado’s Branch
UNISON Camden Branch
UNISON Glasgow City Branch
UNISON Northamptonshire County Branch
UNISON North West Region
UNISON Northumberland Branch
UNISON South East Region
UNISON Stockport Local Government Branch
UNITE ACTS Branch for Unison Staff
Unite the Union London Northwest Branch 9708