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COMING SOON! OUR 2020 CONFERENCE LITE - Mini Saturday Sessions This year due to Covid-19 we are trying something different and hope you would like to take part.

People who did long hours for more than a decade were at the greatest risk of stroke, researchers suggest.

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The Steering Committee of UKNWSN elect new chair and vice chair

Prisoners throwing urine and excrement over staff to repay debt or to humiliate them amid soaring levels of violence in jails

For 75% of Americans bosses are a major cause of stress at work

To be held on November 24 - 25th in Birmingham

Helen O'Neill, the long time Chair of the UKNWSN passes away

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Stress is taking its toll with almost three quarters of Scots who took part in a survey feeling unable to cope in the past year.

Almost 4,000 GPs have retired early in the past five years - nearly 1 in 10 of the profession

81% of teachers said they have considered leaving teaching in the last year because of the pressures of workload.

We are proud to announce that is going to Westminster

Attacks on teachers and school staff rocket 25% with victims suffering brain damage, amputation and even death

Bob Woods has become the new Network Coordinator